Orlo Vista Chamber of Commerce

Helping our Community Develop a Healthy Standard of Living

Your vision, Our responsibility

We invite you to the Orlo Vista Chamber 4th of July Event, Thursday, 10:30 AM, with Music, karaoke, PA videos, Pot Luck, Corn Hole Toss, etc, at the O.V. Chamber Hall, 38 S. Hastings St.. Come celebrate with us. Reply here to let us know you are coming and what your bringing. Bring your vacation Pictures also. For info call 407-664-7413

Why us?

Our story

Orlo Vista has went through many hard time eras.  But we have always pulled together and helped one another when the times got rough.  Through our Churches and Social Gatherings we have always kept in communication to find out who needed what.  Through various new means and developments we hope to continue to improve our quality of life.


Have you ever felt like a prisoner in your own environment? Yet, there is so many things you want to do!  Do you feel like your inspiration and creativeness are being limited? Where can you go to 'connect the dots'?


Concerned about the apathy and crime in our neighborhood? We have the facility where your voice can be heard. Of course, if one does nothing, what will the outcome be? We and others in Orlo Vista want to know what's on your mind to improve our Neighborhood. Let’s build relationships of trust and compassion. Find others of bright productive minds at the Orlo Vista Chamber of Commerce whom want to Plan and Work together -- Families, Entrepreneurs, and Homeowners with honesty and integrity, to understand each other and solve our neighborhood problems. You are not alone. We need to dispel the fears and myths and make progress one step at a time. Come celebrate the good work we are doing and help us achieve Orlo Vista dreams. Organize with us at the Orlo Vista Chamber of Commerce.  Creative People and Grant Writers -- We need you.  Help the families and especially the children toward a better future.

Our vision

The purpose of this organization shall be civic service through organized efforts of the community and it's citizens with active constructive projects.  It shall further be the purpose of this organization to provide those constituting membership with training in leadership and civic consciousness to better their usefulness as citizens.


Join the OV Chamber OC and get the information you need.  You could be missing out. Find opportunities to support YOU and your Business and your Family.  Unless you join you will not know. We have regular meetings to let you know face to face real local NEWS you can USE. Our reality is what is put in front of us.

Next General Meeting:

July 16, 2024, 7 PM.


The Orlo Vista Chamber of Commerce is here to help connect with people and resources in the community to assist one in developing skills and in reaching goals. Break out and visit our Chamber Hall at given times to explore your possibilities by brainstorming with us.

Basic examples to progress:

A. Connect with County officials locally for vital information.

B. Learning how to apply computers and cell phones to your comunication and work. 

C. Finding out where to get the services you need.


Whether looking for a location for your company's next regional conference or just the right place for group training meetings designed with breakout sessions, the Chamber is the ideal facility for hosting a professional activity and is equipped with wireless internet. There are 2500 square feet in the Community Center and meeting room for 100 people. The Community Center, also, has a kitchen for keeping food warm or cold.

Orange County Business Info and Forms
Orange County Residents Info and Forms
Orange County Visitors' Information

Orange County 311 Help/info
Ocso calls-for-service

What would you like to do for Our Community?
- Coordinate Events?
- Call Contacts for Fundraisers?
- Contribute Resources?
- Cleanup or Fixup (Develop your Skills!)

- Design or Setup signs?
- Newsletters or Websites?
- Neighborhood Watch?
- Be a part of our up-coming activities?

- Orange County Volunteer Participant?
- Be a Resident Member for only 15.00 yearly

Board Members

 President: Brian Harris

A long time resident in the community.  Sartorial, Terpsichorean, Amateur Astronomer, Artisan, Hula Dancer, and Poi Ball Performer

Safe Neighborhood Member.

Email: harris.facteau@yahoo.com

 Vice Pres. Debbie Meli

Well known for her work with the County as well as the neighborhood. 

Safe Neighborhood Member.

Email: bestbuni@yahoo.com

 2nd Vice Pres. Julius Amos

Long known for his neighborly help and residence in West Side Manor.

Safe Neighborhood Member.

Email: lasterclarence@yahoo.com

Secretary: Gerald Eberly

Long time member and Concierge for the Orlo Vista Chamber of Commerce.  Also, he is known for his Computer skills and Electrical knowledge along with designing Websites and working in our Community Gardener.

Email: jageok@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Sharon Thomas

Long time member and owner of Oak Crest Mobile Home Park.  Safe Neighborhood Member.

Email: oak5455@aol.com

Director: Claudia Douglas

Long time member and

Community Gardener at OV Park. 

Safe Neighborhood Member.

Email: cdoug6563@yahoo.com

Director: David Thomas

Property Manager of Oak Crest Mobile Home Park.

Safe Neighborhood Member.

Email: davenat80@aol.com